Well, the semester officially is off to a start. The readings are piling up faster than I can count, the planner is looking rather stuffed, the checking account is becoming lighter, and the furniture hopefully is arriving soon.


All of that being said, I couldn’t be more satisfied with my decision to attend Hopkins. I’ve spent the past week and a half getting settled, becoming familiar with the area, and eating too much not enough sushi. Everyone is kind and friendly, and I live in an apartment with a fantastic view and plenty of space for Bun to explore. There is plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and breeze. Baltimore felt like home the moment I arrived, and as I slowly establish myself here it becomes even more wonderful.

I will be spending the day digging into case studies and articles, creating a research proposal, and contemplating education, economics, hegemony, language imperialism, microaggressions, politics, privilege, and systemic racism over bowls of fruit and glasses of almond milk. It still feels bizarre not to be in the chaotic happiness of a classroom, but I think that I could get used to this lifestyle of quiet thought. Instead of worrying about who hit whom, office politics, and scraped knees my biggest concern is keeping Bun away from the router cable.

Cheers to the new semester.



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