Baltimore is mostly delightful in the summer, but there have been a few days when I’ve felt like the humidity has done nothing but repeatedly punch me in the face. Nothing quite like showing up to class glistening with sweat, but at least the AC on campus is more or less unreasonable chilling and I cool down pretty quickly.  I’ve spent the last few library study sessions shivering slightly, but the cold helps fight off the comfy chair sleepies. (Seriously, some of the chairs are too comfortable for studying.)

Campus has been crowded with tour groups of seventeen-year-old, wide-eyed hopefuls and their parents, and I don’t expect this to change anytime soon. I don’t mind too much, but it would be nice if they learned not to spread across the entire walkway. It feels like ages since I was doing the campus tour circuit, and it’s nice that I don’t have to go through that again. That being said, the admission season for PhD programs is getting ready to begin, and I already have some virtual informational sessions scheduled. I’m fairly certain that my stress will do nothing but rise until March, but intensive exercise has been helping to keep it at bay for now.

School continues to be going well, and I am enjoying all of the work. Which is good, because there is a lot of it. I’ve missed this kind of mental challenge, but I also miss my students every day. I was cleaning out my bookshelf and found all of the letters and pictures they had made for me. Definitely was A Moment.

The only bad news is that Titan and Bun will not be friends. Bun is back home with me for now, and we will try her with another Bun in a few weeks. For now, it is time for her to get some rest and enjoy being queen while we watch Game of Thrones. She enjoys sleeping on the ottoman, jumping on my face to be my alarm clock, and chewing on any bits of paper she can find.

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