I did it! I successfully completed my final paper of Sumer 2017 on Sunday evening at 19:37.  I’m waiting for all my grades to be submitted, but things are looking good for a 4.0! Since my summer vacation is short (we begin Autumn 2017 on the 30th, undergrads return to campus on the 26th), I am hoping to make the most of this brief vacation.

I spent my first day of summer vacation wonderfully. I got in a great workout with my trainer and an hour long bike ride, went to the grocery store where I found beautiful, giant mangos for $1 each, tried (and failed) to see the eclipse, and lost myself in books for several hours. I keep a running list of everything I hope to read, and it grows every time I go to the library. Considering I am in the library multiple days per week, it will take a miracle for me to complete the list. I did fail as far as laundry is concerned, but I did clean out a closet. I think that I will spend most of the rest of the week curled up in one of the Hut’s oversized, leather armchairs and read until my eyes get tired. I should do a thorough deep clean (and deep de-fuzzing) of the apartment, but a little bit per day should make that an easy task.

Best end of summer to everyone! I registered for a number of guest lectures and other activities, so I look forward to updating about those from September.



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